Chasing the sun in Malaga, Spain

Chasing the sun in Malaga was perfect for long summer days when work could be put away and a body could go straight into the vacation mode. It was July 2006, when I decided to spend my holidays in a Spanish style and get a taste of  Costa del Sol.  Located in the south of Spain – Andalusia – region is said to be one of the most beautiful parts of Spanish coastline. It sounded great and given that its name means “Coast of the Sun”, I knew it was everything I needed. Sometimes to feel like a superhero, you need a little bit of vitamin D, so I made sure my body would get about enough of sun time. After all, Spain and good weather go together like a dream! My journey began in Malaga, but that was just the beginning. On my way down the coast, I visited Marbella and Puerto Banus. More about everything I did and saw below! Of course, accessibility’s included – after all… it can make or break any vacations.


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