Extreme sports for wheelchair users

Since I can only remember, I’ve been in love with thrill. The thrill you get, when your body’s on the edge and you can feel the adrenaline rushing in your veins. I’ve always wanted not only to exist, but also to feel alive and as years were passing by, that desire wasn’t sinking into oblivion. No, quite the opposite – my appetite for life has been only becoming greater. I am hungry for adventure and every obstacle on my way makes a final success ever sweeter. Cars, bungee jumping, racing – you name it, it’s my fuel. Extreme sports are a wonderful option for all of us seeking thrill, and they’re suited for everybody. You’ve heard me correctly: extreme sports and wheelchair users actually go together well! The only thing you’ll need is a little bit of courage – freedom’s just a stone’s throw away from your safe zone.  What’s waiting for you below? A list of extreme sports for wheelchair users!


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Sport is one of the greatest things in life! Feeling your muscles stretching, your lungs working and your heart pumping the blood is just the best! The fact that you’re disabled or using manual or electric wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself and give up the pleasure of being active. Want to know how to feed your inner daredevil and pump a little adrenaline into your system? Keep on reading…

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Sunbathing in Mallorca never goes out of style, so when my friends casually suggested going to Spain for vacation, I couldn’t say no, especially that I could use an electric wheelchair there. Mallorca is one of these little paradises, that you never get bored of. The problem is that it’s very sandy, and sand has never been a great friend of manual or electric wheelchairs.