10 reasons to have your own Blumil electric wheelchair

Ever since Blumil electric wheelchair entered my life, everything has changed. Experiencing freedom became reality, dangerous pavements stopped threatening my safety during strolls around the city and navigating limited spaces was suddenly easier than ever. Words, however, mean nothing if there’s nothing to back them up so I would like to present you with 10 reasons to have your own Blumil electric wheelchair!  There are hundreds of reasons, but 10 is a nice number to start with… so here we go!


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Experience freedom with Blumil!

10 reasons to have your own Blumil electric wheelchair

  • It’s light

Since the lightest model weighs only 37,5 kilograms, Blumil is definitely not heavy compared to other electric wheelchairs. It makes it easier to navigate the electric wheelchair, and therefore the entire user experience is better. I’ve tasted different wheelchair solutions, and even though some electric wheelchairs are amazing, their weight makes them impractical in everyday life. It’s all about being practical and efficient!

  • It’s portable

Due to its fairly small size and weight, Blumil can be easily transported. It is suitable for the most of the city transport since it fits into the wheelchair space with ease. Underground, trams, trains? Been there, done that! Blumil could definitely handle it all. Portability is definitely a big advantage, especially for travelers. It can save you time and effort. The number of times when I wonder whether my wheelchair is not too big has definitely decreased since I’ve got my Blumil electric wheelchair. I simply know there’s a huge change it will and that’s a great comfort.

light and portable electric wheelchair, blumil electric wheelchair, accessible travel
Light & portable!
  • It is perfect for small spaces

    Not only is Blumil light and portable, it’s also relatively small and has a rather sleek design. It is directly connected to its portability. I needed something that would let me navigate at airports, stroll around crowded streets or attend famous fairs like IFA in Berlin without much difficulty. It took years of designing, redesigning and coming up with new solutions, but I am happy to tell you that Blumil fits very well in small spaces of all kinds.

Blumil electric wheelchair during IFA fair in Berlin, Germany; electric wheelchair, accessible travel

  • It’s fast

The fastest Blumil electric wheelchair can move with the speed of 20 kilometers per hour, while the slowest model can go as fast as 15 kilometers per hour. Back when I visited Budapest and went for a Segway tour, I was the fastest one in my friend group. If you like to feel the wind in your hair, you won’t be disappointed with Blumil. Of course, remember not to overdo it – Blumil just like any other electric wheelchair needs to be charged if you want to use it intensively! Feed your Blumil with electricity and you’ll race towards tomorrow together.

Blumil electric wheelchair, driving through fields, accessible travel

  • It is perfect for traveling

Portable, small and light are three adjectives that describe Blumil electric wheelchair and are quite important when you travel in a wheelchair. If you can fit in small, crowded spaces you can travel without barriers! What’s important – Blumil can handle cobblestone also known as a wheelchair user’s worst nightmare. You can often find it in old, charming cities (Prague and Budapest come to my mind)  and while it is,  of course, part of the local flavor it’s absolutely not wheelchair friendly. Luckily, the Blumil is up for the challenge!

Cobblestone in Prague, pavement, electric wheelchair, accessible travel
Cobblestone in Prague!
  • It can handle beaches and other sandy surfaces

Many wheelchairs drown in the sand and are definitely not suitable for a beach sunbathing, but Blumil electric wheelchair’s definitely not one of them. I had a wonderful time in Mallorca, which is famous for its marvelous beaches. Nothing would stop me from exploring the sunny coast!

  • It’s no stranger to mountains

If you like mountains slightly more than the seaside, Blumil will cater to your needs, too! I enjoy trips to mountainous regions and I knew my perfect wheelchair should be suitable for such escapades. I’ve visited Polish mountains a few times this year and navigating through hiking trails proved to be possible. It’s not a usual view in the mountains, but my wheelchair did well!

  • Snow doesn’t stop Blumil electric wheelchair

Blumil and snow go together very well! During long winters it turns out to be priceless. Snow is nothing new in Poland where I live and Blumil electric wheelchair lets me squeeze the most out of this icy season of the year. Mountains in winter are just another level of beauty, trust me.

electric wheelchair, accessible travel, polish mountains
In the Polish mountains!
  • Bumpy pavements aren’t a great threat to Blumil

Cobblestone, regular city pavements – it doesn’t matter to Blumil. It can normally handle bumpy surfaces very well. The first I visited Lisbon I came back disappointed. My regular wheelchair couldn’t win against the hilly structure of the city. I came back to Portugal this year and revisited the capital city. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the city. Since Blumil can handle problematic surface well, I could actually focus on my surroundings and I discovered the magical charm of Lisbon. I don’t encourage turning a blind eye to safety, not at all.  Of course, caution’s always advised – better safe than sorry! Trust your Blumil but trust yourself more. Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that Blumil electric wheelchair is actually trustworthy as a vehicle.

  • It lets you experience freedom!

All things mentioned above lead to one ultimate characteristic of Blumil electric wheelchair… it lets you experience freedom! As it fits in small spaces and you can transport it easily, it makes everyday life easier. It can also access beaches and snowy trails giving you the power to travel the way you want and wherever you want. For me, travel is the way to live and Blumil definitely supports me endlessly in my mission of exploring the world. Wherever you go with Blumil by your side… it’s going to be alright!

Enjoying Barcelona, accessible travel, electric wheelchair
Enjoying Barcelona!


All in all, Blumil was designed to let you experience freedom and live without barriers and I believe it has completed its mission. Every day with Blumil by my side is the day of new possibilities. Crowded fairs, snowy hiking trails or cobblestone can’t (most of the time!) ruin my memories anymore.  Team Blumil all the way! 


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